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This page contains links to online resources which provide aid in research and completing homework assignments.  If you need additional help, call the library and ask to speak with a Reference Librarian at 440-352-3383.


Citation Resources

It's important to cite sources used in your research.  Whether you are following MLA, APA, or the Chicago/Turabian formatting style, you can avoid plagiarism by using the tools found in the links below.

Cite This For Me
This free citation generator helps you to understand the type of resource you need to cite according to APA, MLA, Harvard, and other styles.

KnightCite is a free online citation generator service provided by the Hekman Library of Calvin College.  Those who choose to register on the site will have the option of saving all of their citations to their account.

Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers free resources about writing instruction, proper grammar, tips on avoiding plagiarism, style guides, and citation information for APA or MLA formats.  You'll find a lengthy writing and citation guide just for 7 - 12th graders under "Suggested Resources", along with information about developing a resumé, and writing a business letter under "Popular Resources" at the bottom of the page.

Son of Citation Machine 
Son of Citation Machine automatically generates citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard.

Research Databases & Websites

Morley Library offers online databases that provide authoritative and credible information for homework and research.  Many of our databases can be used from home using your library card. Sometimes you need to disable "pop-up blockers".  Free online resources and website are also included in this list which can be used without a library card.  If you have any questions, please stop by the Reference Desk or call the library at 440-352-3383.  You can find a complete list of all our databases here.

If you have had trouble getting a library card in the past, please consider getting our 3 For Me card.  This card allows you to access all of our online resources, e-books, e-audiobooks.  Plus you can check out up to 3 books at a time with no late fees or fines!  You can learn more about the card on our 3 For Me page.  


American National Biography (Oxford) - (In-Library Use Only)
Discover biographies of more than 19,000 men and women who impacted American history and culture.

Biography Reference Bank - Access from home
Use this large biography database to find full-text articles, photographs, and information covering more than 500,000 people and 36,000 images.

Controversial Issues

CQ Researcher - Access from home
Research in-depth, authoritative information about American government, politics, current affairs, public policy, and history.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale Net) - Access from home
Find articles exploring both sides of an issue about such topics as science, politics, environmentalism, and more.

Points of View (EBSCOHost) - Access from home
Browse and discover articles about many current events such as Uber and the ride-sharing industry, animal welfare, conservation, and human rights.  Each article covers a broad overview of the topic, a critical analysis, and opposing views of the issue.


Merriam-Webster (website)
This trusted resource for over 150 years is the place to find the proper spelling and definition of words contained in the English language.  You can increase your vocabulary too by discovering new words daily.

Oxford Reference  -  Access from home
This online resource covers more than 25 different subject areas and combines Oxford's Dictionaries, Companions and Encyclopedias.  When Logging in from home, click on "Sign In" and
use "Library card login" with your Morley card.

Driver's Education

Keys2Drive:  The AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety (website)
Parents and teens will find important driver safety, testing, and licensing information specifically for the state of Ohio.

Ohio Drivers Education - Access from home 
Take practice tests about road signs, various driving situations, fines, and limits that prepare you for the exam.


Oxford Reference  -  Access from home
This online resource covers more than 25 different subject areas and combines Oxford's Dictionaries, Companions and Encyclopedias.  When Logging in from home, click on "Sign In" and
use "Library card login" with your Morley card.

Oxford Research Encyclopedias - Access from home
Provides an overview of a subject that can be read in a half hour or less.  The content is peer reviewed, unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date.

World Book Spanish - Access from home
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos


Google Earth (website)
View a 3D representation of the Earth compiled through satellites images.  Search using addresses or browse using the name of famous places.

National Geographic (website)
Watch videos and read articles about a wide range of subjects.  Whether you'd like to learn about wildlife or people and places around the world, you'll find fascinating information and incredible photographs here too.

The World Fact Book (website) 
Includes many interesting facts about the history, geography, people, government, and economy of 267 nations around the world.


African American Heritage Access from home
Explore your family tree using census, military, and marriage records.

American Social History Project (website)
With print, visual, and multi-media materials you can explore the diverse social and cultural histories of the United States.

Daily Life Through History - (In-Library Use Only)
From Greenwood Electronic Media, Daily Life Through History is an online source book series providing a detailed portrayal of what life was like for ordinary people in different cultures throughout history.  Includes images, maps and illustrations.

National Archives (website)
The Nation's record keeper contains documents and materials of the United States Federal government.  You will find important documents such as military records, or other historical documents including digitized copies of the original Charters of Freedom (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights).

National Museum of African American History and Culture (website)
Search the archives and documents of African American history and culture.  You can view photographs of the museum's artifacts, costumes, and other collections all online.


Mango Languages - Access from home
You can learn to speak and understand a different language for free with your library card.  It's easy to set up an account and choose from a list of more than 70 languages, including Russian, Spanish, and Japanese.

Magazine & Journal articles

EBSCOHOST - Access from home  
Choose MasterFILE Premier if you need magazine articles.  
Academic Search Premier may be a good place to start a search for journal articles.


Explora Secondary - Access from home
Search articles and videos from multiple academic sources, journals, magazines and the Associated Press.  You can create an account to save your citations for future use.

Google Scholar (website)
Search across a broad range of resources and disciplines for information from books, abstracts, and academic papers.

This is Ohio's free digital library.  Any student and educator in the state can use this site to find amazingly rich information about a variety of subjects from articles, videos, encyclopedias, and games.  If you have trouble logging in, go to the bottom of the page and follow the link "Get Password" under "Classroom".

Library of Congress (website)
Find a variety of resources such as historical photographs, documents, and articles from the largest library in the world!

Smithsonian:  Learn & Explore (website)
You can access the world's largest museum online to discover an incredible array of resources.  The Smithsonian's purpose is the "increase and diffusion of knowledge across the spectrum of human inquiry".

Way Back Machine:  Internet Archive (website)
This digital library of websites and cultural artifacts is like a time machine which explores the history of everything contained on the Internet.  Its archives contain 279 billion web pages and 4 million audio recordings (including live concerts).


Amazing Space (website)
Find astronomical discoveries which will inspire and educate you about the wonders of our universe.

Ask a Biologist (website)
Satisfy your curiosity by asking an expert from Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences questions about animals, insects, and more!  You'll find fun educational games and videos here too.

Bill Nye:  It's Not Magic, It's Science!
You can access all of Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes organized by topic.  You will also find fun science experiements like "Acid Attack", "Barometer In a Bottle", or "Erosion Explosion" with printable instructions.

Carnegie STEM Girls (website)
This comprehensive site contains activities, games, resources, and links to inspire teen girls about STEM - science, technology, engineering, and math.  Women only hold 25% of jobs in science and technology, and this site aims to change that.

EPA for Students (websites)
Students and educators can access quality resources for lesson plans and homework assignments related to the environment.

Engineering Go For It! (website)
This site is designed especially for students interested in a career in engineering.  You'll discover all the latest aerospace engineering news, where to apply to schools, and how to become an engineer.

Exploratorium (website)
This public learning laboratory explores the world through science and art.  You can search their exhibits to learn many interesting facts, and find many fun science games and activities!

NASA (website)
Learn about dark energy, darker matter, and black holes.  Explore fascinating topics such as the Moon to Mars mission, Curiosity Mars Rover, the Parker Solar Probe, and much more!  Stay informed about upcoming launches and landings, and take a 360-degree tour of the Hubble Space Control Center!

National Science Foundation (website)
Under "Research Areas" you will find a range of topics such Biological Sciences, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences which lead you to images, articles and videos.