Petitioners on Library Property

Morley Library Policy for Petitioners on Library Property

Sidewalks and open spaces fall within traditional public forum. In order to support the democratic process, Morley Library permits petitioners to be on Library premises under the following circumstances:

1. For this policy, Petitioner(s) include(s), but is not limited to a) people obtaining signatures on petitions that are in the interest of the general public or for initiatives intended for the ballot in a general or special election; b) distributors of literature and leaflets, c) campaigners, and /or d) protestors.

2. Petitioners are permitted on the sidewalks and other outdoor areas around the Library as long as the activity does not interfere with Patrons accessing library entrances or library services.

3. Petitioners are not allowed to gather signatures, hand out literature, demonstrate, proselytize, or approach Patrons inside the Library.

4. Petitioners are not permitted to block doors into the building, driveways into the parking lot, or parking places for Morley Library Patrons.

5. All Petitioners must abide by the Morley Library Behavior and Conduct Policy.

6. While Patrons may be approached with information or for signatures, Petitioners may not harass Patrons in order to obtain signatures, to plead an issue’s case, or to proselytize.

7. Should Library Staff determine that the approach / behavior employed by the Petitioner(s) constitute harassment, the Petitioner(s) will be asked to leave Library premises.

Adopted by the Morley Library Board of Trustees July 18, 2007
Amended by the Morley Library Board of Trustees May 14, 2008