Donations of Books, Tapes, or Other Items


Are you interested in donating books, compact discs, or other items from your home or office, but are not sure of the process?  The following may answer some of your questions.

What materials are accepted?

Donations of books, compact discs, records, sheet music, computer software, cassette tapes (spoken books), framed art prints, and puzzles that are clean and in good condition are accepted.

What materials are not accepted?

 We do not accept books that are musty, mildewed, damaged, or otherwise unsellable.

Where do donations go?

Morley Library decides the disposition of all gifts.  Usually, the donations are given to the Friends of Morley Library for their books sales.  Proceeds from these sales enable the F.o.M.L. to sponsor projects and activities not covered by the library's operating budget.  On rare occasions, donations are added to the collection. These are usually books of special or local interest.

Are these donations tax deductible?

Yes.  Contributions for Morley Library or the Friends of Morley Library are tax deductible.  A receipt is available upon request.  Just ask a Library Staff Member or the F.o.M.L. for one.

If an itemized list of your donation(s) is required for tax purposes, please prepare the list before bringing your donation to the library.

Where can donations be left?

All donations, small or large, are welcome.   Materials can be dropped off at:

Morley Library

184 Phelps St.

Painesville, Ohio 44077-3926

 Due to budgetary restrictions, we are unable to pick up donated books.