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ANYWHO.COM (website, not a database)

Search for residential and commercial addresses and phone numbers.

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Business Source Premier

(EBSCOHost) - Access from home

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The Foundation Center / Candid
Foundation Center / Candid - FOUNDATION DIRECTORY ONLINE ESSENTIAL - (In-Library Use Only)
  • Candid is a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits serve their communities. We offer Candid's key tools, including GuideStar and the Foundation Directory. Access GuideStar to research local nonprofits to support and find services. Individuals and nonprofits can search the Foundation Directory for funding, scholarships, and fellowships and connect with funders.
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Morningstar Investment Research Center

The Morningstar Investment Research Center database includes research on more than 30,000 stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It is designed specifically for individual investors. Morningstar also allows you to build and to test a portfolio and take interactive workshops and classes to sharpen your investing skills.

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OHIO WEB LIBRARY - Access from home
OHIO WEB LIBRARY - Access from home

Provided to Ohio libraries by OPLIN, the Ohio Public Library Information Network, this database Includes:
encyclopedias; dictionaries; magazine, journal and newspaper articles; information about  Ohio and more.

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REFERENCEUSA - Access from home
ReferenceUSA - Access from home

Search for residential and commercial telephone numbers and addresses; new movers; historical business records; healthcare providers; jobs and more.

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Small Business Reference Center

(EBSCOhost) - Access from home

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