Clevnet App update

Unfortunately, the CLEVNET mobile app is not working and will remain down until the developer, SirsiDynix, is ready to roll out a new app to replace it. Morley Library cardholders can still access mobile searching of the CLEVNET catalog via the library's website using the link below:

Clevnet/Morley Catalog

We apologize for the inconvenience, and as always, Morley Library staff are available to assist you if needed.

SirsiDynix has provided the following statement:

SirsiDynix is the owner of your library’s mobile application. However, another vendor controls the access of the app. Unfortunately, they have unexpectedly disabled the app, rendering it inoperable. As an immediate solution, we are working with your library to enable mobile searching of the catalog via the library’s website. This allows many of the core search features of the mobile app to be available on your mobile devices.

We have also been aggressively developing an entirely new, next-generation mobile app for your library. While it is not yet available for general use, we anticipate it will be ready in the next few months. This app will deliver the functionality you enjoyed in the original app, along with many new features. We regret any inconvenience this has caused you. Please know that your library/network had absolutely no way of anticipating this situation, and we hope you’ll be understanding as we work through this difficult interim period.

Bill Davison

Chief Executive Officer