Policy on Retrieving Overdue Library Materials 

Why a Collection Agency? 

When library patrons have long overdue materials, they deprive others of the opportunity to use our Libraryís resources.  We think you would agree that this just isnít right. 

To encourage patrons to return materials when they are due and make the collections process easier, the Morley Library Board has decided to use Unique Management Services, a professional collection agency that specializes in the recovery of library materials and has an excellent record of treating patrons professionally. 

This policy was developed with fairness to all library patrons in mind.  The cost of this service will be passed on to any patron whose account is turned over to the collection agency.  This new policy will not affect the vast majority of patrons who return materials in a timely fashion. Materials not returned are not available for others to use or borrow.  In addition, if materials are never returned, money from the library budget must be used to replace them.  These funds could be better used to purchase new items for patron use.   

By recovering significant amounts of long overdue materials and fines, the Library demonstrates strong stewardship of community resources and responsible customer service. 

Please keep in mind that Morley Libraryís purpose in establishing this policy is to retrieve materials and have them on hand for others to enjoy.  Thank you for your help. 

Our New Policy and Procedures 

   Patrons will be notified via mail or email when their materials are overdue.  Two overdue notices will be sent:  the first at two weeks, the second at four weeks.  When an item is four weeks overdue, borrowing privileges are revoked until the materials are returned. 

   Patrons with materials overdue for 10 weeks or longer will receive a bill and warning letter from the library.  If after 10 days the materials are still past due, the account will be submitted to Unique Management Services for collection.

   Once the account is sent to Unique Management, a $10.00 collection fee will be added to the patronís library record.  Unique Management Services will then contact the patron to settle the account.

   If after being contacted by Unique Management Services a patron still fails to return the materials and pay all fines and fees, an unfavorable credit report may be sent to the three major credit reporting agencies.  Such a report could adversely affect a patronís credit rating. 

Avoiding Overdue Materials 

It is easy to return library materials. As a courtesy, audio-visual and book depositories are available 24 hours a day.  In addition, most library items can be renewed twice - either in person, over the phone, or online via the library website www.morleylibrary.org.   Please note that the maximum fine per item is only $2.00 ($5.00 for DVDs and videos).  It is far less expensive to return the items and pay the fine than to pay the replacement cost.