Teen Advisory Group (T.A.G.)

What is T.A.G.?

T.A.G. is our Teen Advisory Group.  We meet monthly to hear ideas from teens.  We discuss programs and projects for teens to participate in at the library. Teens tell us what types of books and movies they'd like to see added to our library's collection.  Attending T.A.G. meetings and writing book reviews are two important ways to volunteer at the library and earn service hours. 

Our next T.A.G. meeting will be Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 4:30 PM in the 3rd Floor Study Room.  Hope to see you there!

  • Meeting Minutes: Jan 26, 2017

    We had a great meeting to kick off a new year of programming ideas for teens at the library.  A total of 7 teens attended the meeting.  We discussed prizes for the Summer Reading club, as well as program ideas.  The theme for this summer’s teen reading program is “Build a Better World”.  Teens were asked about contributing to the community and other organizations to make our world a little better.  Remember, if you can’t attend a T.A.G. meeting, please submit your suggestions to the Teen Librarian using the form on the right-hand side of this page.

    Teen Program Ideas:

    •    Gaming nights
    •    Movie nights
    •    More arts & crafts program
    •    Yoga classes
    •    Create cars using old water bottles powered by balloons.  More Science programs!
    •    A Book & Movie Club for teens.  Read books and then watch the movie together.

    Services for teens:

    There are teens requesting help with their homework, especially math.  The Teen Librarian will explore options, such as finding local tutors to meet with teens here at the library.

    Best times to meet:

    It was mentioned that Saturdays are a better time to meet.  We may add some Saturday T.A.G. meeting times beginning in May.

    How can teens volunteer:

    A few teens are interested in writing book reviews to help other teen readers looking for their next book to read.

  • Meeting Minutes: Sept 13, 2016

    Teen Program Ideas:
    •    More PS4 gaming programs
    •    Movie nights
    •    Monopoly/gaming tournaments
    •    Read-aloud author suggestions…Dean Koontz or Stephen King
    •    Pokemon Club gaming night
    •    Tie Dye shirts
    •    Watercolor
    •    Zentangle
    •    Creative writing/poetry workshops
    •    Pinterest DIY’s
    •    Lots of crafts
    •    Just Dance competition
    •    More board game nights
    Teen Services:

    •    Computers in teen corner for study/research
    •    More trash cans and signs to remind others not to drop their trash on the floor
    •    More bean bag chairs
    •    More tables and chairs for studying
    •    Put up more signs at the local schools to advertise teen programs/services
    •    Test prep courses
    •    Add bookmarks with reading suggestions, such as “If you like this book….then you’ll like…”
    How can teens volunteer:

    •    Decorate teen corner
    •    Help with Summer reading program
    •    Write book reviews

    What books and materials would you like to add to the teen collection:

    •    Dan and Phil go Outside by Phil Lester and Dan Howell
    •    Really Professional Internet Person by Jenn McAllister
    •    You-tuber books are very popular
    •    Innocence by Dean Koontz
    •    Pokemon card/trading books
    How often can teens meet for T.A.G. meetings

    •    Once or twice per month
    •    Afterschool/weekends

T.A.G. Ideas:

We welcome your ideas about teen programs, books, and other materials we should make available at Morley Library. Do you like the Teen Corner, or could we make improvements to this space?  If you are unable to attend a T.A.G. meeting, please type your ideas in the boxes below.