Download eBooks to your Kindle
(or Kindle app, Kindle Cloud Reader, etc.)


Before you start,

Make sure you have an Amazon account and that you know your username and password.


·         Start at our eBooks website,

·         Select a book you want and make sure it’s available for Kindle

·         Click on the “Borrow” button

·          If you haven’t already logged in, you will be prompted to enter your 14-digit Morley Library card number.

·         You are then taken to the "Bookshelf" part of your account.  Click on the "Download" button and select Kindle format.  Then click on "Confirm & Download".

·         You will be directed to to complete the checkout.

·         Depending on the type of Kindle you own, you will either be able to download your book via WiFi or by syncing with your computer.  Amazon will walk you through this.  Note - you must use WiFi to download.  If you use 3G, the book will show up in your Archive, but won't be downloadable.  Some books do require you to download them to a personal computer and transfer; these will say "Kindle devices via USB only" in bold, red print.

·         If you finish the book early and would like to return it, go to the “Manage Your Kindle” section of Amazon’s website.  One of the “Actions” available is “Return this book.”

·         Your Kindle will still have the book file on it (saving all of your notes and bookmarks).  If you plan to borrow the book again (or purchase it from Amazon), you can keep the file.  If you are done with the book, you are free to delete the file from your Kindle.

·         If you have any questions, you can come into the library (bring your Kindle!), call us at (440) 352-3383 (ask for Reference)
or email us at Reference -at- morleylibrary -dot- org


Using the Kindle app
Amazon offers Kindle apps for: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC and Windows Phone 7.  See their webpage for more details.
Each individual app should be downloadable from the store of your specific device.  Once you've downloaded your specific app, it should sync with Amazon every time you open it.  So simply starting the app should cause any new items you've purchased/borrowed to begin downloading.  If not, check the "Archive" section.

To use an OverDrive book with a Kindle app, select the app you'd like to use from the menu when checking out on


Using Kindle Cloud Reader -
Simply access this URL from your web browser & log into Amazon (using your existing account).
The books in your Kindle account (see Manage Your Kindle to make changes) will show up.  Simply select the one you'd like to read.