Download eBooks to your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD

Before you start,

Make sure you have an Amazon account and that you know your username and password.


Some titles are available in "OverDrive READ" format.  These titles are able to be read just using your web browser (so you don't have to download anything)


Kindle tablets can download books in multiple ways.

Option #1 - OverDrive app

Option #2 - using a web browser


Using the app:

First, download the app to your Kindle Fire -

Open the OverDrive app.

The first time you use it, it will ask you to create an account.  You can do this multiple ways.  Create an OverDrive account (by giving them your information or using FaceBook), creating an Adobe ID, or saying you are under the age of 13 (which skips this step entirely).

Click on the picture of a book with a + sign (this is the "Get Books" button).

Press where it says “Add a Library”.

Type “Morley Library” and press Search.

Select Morley Library.

Press the star (this will save Morley for future use).

Pressing on the library name will bring you to our OverDrive website -

Now is a good time to Sign In.  When you select Sign In, you will be asked for your 14-digit library card number.

Some eBooks are displayed on the main page, but you can also use the Menu button (3 horizontal lines) to browse or the Search button (magnifying glass) to search for a specific item.

Select a book you want by pressing on it.

Press the Borrow button.

If you haven’t already logged in, you will now be prompted to enter your 14-digit Morley Library card number.

You will then be taken to the Bookshelf screen.  Your selected book will have a “Download” button.  You will be asked to select format (if multiple are available) and then "Confirm & Download."  Some formats will download immediately.  If you select Kindle format, you will be directed to to verify your account with Amazon.  These items will then download onto the Kindle (and not into the app).

When you would like to delete the item, just hold on it until a menu appears.  Then select "Return/Delete."  Or press the + sign and select "Return/Delete."  Or while reading the book, press the menu button and then select "Return/Delete."


Using the web browser: (whether using the Kindle Fire's browser or a computer, this is exactly the same)

To download eBooks, start at our website, or directly at our eBooks website,

Select a book you want and make sure it’s available in Kindle format.

Click on the “Borrow” button.

If you haven’t already logged in, you will be prompted to enter your 14-digit Morley Library card number.

You are then taken to the "Bookshelf" part of your account.  Click on the "Download" button and select Kindle format.  Then click on "Confirm & Download".

You will be directed to to complete the checkout.

The eBook should then download onto your Kindle Fire using WiFi.


 If you have any questions, come into the library (bring your Kindle!), call us at (440) 352-3383 (ask for Reference) or email us at Reference -at- morleylibrary -dot- org